‘Asian Games’ national team member is actually the daughter-in-law of a Korean chaebol

Kim Hye-young, who is competing for South Korea at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, is the wife of Chung Mong-yoon, chairman of Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance, the seventh son of the late Chung Ju-young, chairman emeritus of Hyundai Group.

Kim Hye-young, who is competing for South Korea in the bridge event at the Hangzhou Asian Games, is the daughter of Kim Jin-hyung, vice chairman of the Korea Bridge Association.

According to the association, Kim Hye-young started learning bridge around 2010 and has been the vice president of the association for over 10 years.

Kim Hye-young has demonstrated a strong understanding of bridge and a wealth of practical experience by placing first in the 3rd Round Robin Team Tournament, ninth in the 4th European Winter Games (GCK Trophy), and second in the 17th Spring Team Tournament.

It is also reported that Kim Hye-young holds a bridge tournament every year to raise money for charity and donates the proceeds to Fruits of Love.

The bridge match will be held on the 27th.

The bridge team, including Kim Hye-young, will leave for Hangzhou, China the day after tomorrow (the 24th).안전놀이터

Meanwhile, bridge is a card game, played in two-player matches, with a total of four players in two groups.

The ability to accurately determine your partner’s intentions to reach the optimal contract, and the ability to read your opponent’s hand from their play to make a successful contract when attacking or block a contract when defending, are elements of the game.

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