Can Kane win the first championship trophy in his life, ‘flight delay → German Super Cup participation uncertain’

Harry Kane’s (30) first championship trophy may fly away.

British media ‘Tribuna’ said on the 11th (Korean time), “Harry Kane couldn’t get on the plane due to a small incident in Tottenham. He left for Germany belatedly, but this could ruin Kane’s first trophy.”

Kane’s move to Bayern Munich has become a reality. On the 10th, through various media, Munich and Tottenham reached an agreement on the transfer of Kane. Munich sent an offer worth more than 100 million euros (approximately 145.8 billion won), and Tottenham accepted it. All that was left was Kane’s choice.

Kane chose Munich after much consideration. He is about to open the English Premier League (EPL) and has no choice but to care about his goal record. However, he eventually decided to go to Germany and was expected to board a flight this afternoon.

However, a variable has arisen. Tottenham suddenly demanded renegotiation from Munich. They wanted changes in the transfer fee and details and ended up canceling Kane’s flight schedule. Several media reported that Kane’s transfer situation was suspended. For Munich, this is an absurd situation.

After that, it was known that Tottenham belatedly accepted Kane’s departure and boarded a plane to Germany. According to the German media ‘Bild’, he will depart at 8:15 pm Korean time and will undergo a medical test immediately after arriving in Munich.

However, this could blow up the first trophy of Kane’s career. Munich will play against RB Leipzig at 3:45 am on the 13th in the German Super Cup. If Kane arrives late, he will miss team training and play. Of course, all official procedures must be completed before that, but in any case, a delay due to Tottenham’s sudden whim can be fatal.안전놀이터

Will Kane be able to win the first championship trophy of his life by sortie in the first official game of the season in Munich after twists and turns?

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