Chungjang Red Sparks Volleyball unveils new uniforms for 2023-2024 season… “We will be a club that gives the gift of health”

After announcing a new team name last month, the Jeonggwanjang Red Sparks have unveiled their redesigned uniforms ahead of the start of the 2023-2024 season, which kicks off next month on March 14.

The unveiled uniforms incorporate the team’s identity across volleyball and basketball. The home jersey expresses strength through the contrast of red and black, the main colors of Jeonggwanjang, and embodies a dynamic image with the motif of “light,” which symbolizes shining performance.

In addition, the logo of official sponsor Sketchers was placed together to convey the news of accompanying Sketchers this season. The new uniforms will be unveiled at the home opener against IBK on October 17 at 19:00 in Daejeon.안전놀이터

“The newly reborn Jungkwanjang Red Sparks Volleyball Team will strive to become a team that presents health through energetic and fun games,” said Lee Jong-rim, head of the sports department.

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