DB Albano leads Kobe’s ‘Black Mamba’ spirit

DB Filipino guard Lee Sun Albano has fully adapted to the KBL. Faster and stronger, Albano’s role model is the late Kobe Bryant.

In his last season in a DB uniform with AsiaQuarter, Albano played 30 minutes per game in 53 games last season, averaging 13.3 points, 5.1 assists, 1.4 steals, 1.5 three-pointers per game, and 34.4 percent shooting from three-point range. In seven games this season, he is averaging 15.7 points, 6.9 assists, 2 steals, 1.5 3-pointers per game, and 38.9 percent shooting from 3-point range.

Behind Albano’s performance, DB is flying high with seven straight wins to open the season. Samsung head coach Eun Hee-seok was wary of Alvano, saying, “DB is a team that runs well around Alvano, Kang Sang-jae, and Lawson,” before the matchup.

DB coach Kim Joo-seong said, “I think Albano is seeing the effects of training with us in the offseason. His stamina has improved, and he has the strength to play until the end. We’re trying to play hard on defense, and we’re playing with less force.” Albano’s strength and stamina have given him more freedom to play.

Albano’s active mindset is also helping him improve. “I was actually worried that he wouldn’t be able to adapt to the atmosphere because he’s a Filipino,” Kim said. “I asked him to join the offseason training first, and he said he didn’t have to do the mountain walk, but he said he would. It turns out that Albano likes Kobe’s Black Mamba (Kobe’s nickname) spirit, so he always tries to do his best.” 보스토토 도메인

Bryant, who died in an untimely helicopter crash, was an NBA legend who was known for being a superstar and a hard worker who would get up at the crack of dawn to train before anyone else. Even on the court, he was known to be bitter toward teammates who didn’t give their best effort. DB smiles as Albano tries to emulate the Black Mamba’s fighting spirit.

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