“Don’t compare me to Messi,” writes the legend who was passed over for Real.

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric (38-Croatia) has emphasized that the Spanish Primera Liga club should continue to believe in the injury-riddled ‘Turquoise Messi’ Arda Güler (18). He added that they shouldn’t compare themselves to Güller.

Modric has been called up to the Croatian national team for their Euro 2024 qualifier against Turkiye on Thursday (July 14). He’s looking to win as Croatia captain. At a press conference on Wednesday, Modric spoke about Real Madrid’s 2005 World Cup winner Sigi Güller.

“He’s a great player with great talent,” he said, “and it’s a shame he hasn’t had the chance to prove it in front of the Real Madrid fans yet because of injuries.” “He will bring a lot of happiness to Real Madrid fans,” he continued, “and we should let him develop as ‘Arda Güler’. It’s not good to put pressure on him or compare him to other players. Of course, he shouldn’t compare himself to me.”안전놀이터

Güller joined Real Madrid ahead of this season. After being courted by FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Ajax, and other clubs, he decided to make Real Madrid his new home. However, a knee injury was discovered before the start of the season and he underwent surgery in early August. He was recently sidelined again with a muscle injury. A series of injuries prevented him from making his Real Madrid debut. 

Modric was candid about his feelings about being a candidate for this season’s squad at Real Madrid. “This is a new situation for me (being a regular substitute),” he admitted, “I haven’t played as much as I wanted to this season. I always want to be on the field,” he said. “I don’t want to rest. I want to keep playing every three days.” “I’m physically ready, I’m mentally ready, I’m full of energy. I have a lot of energy, otherwise I can’t lead the team as captain of Croatia,” he said, vowing to win against Turkuje.

Croatia leads Group D of the Euro 2024 qualifiers with three wins, one draw and 10 points. They have a goal difference advantage (Croatia +8, Turkuye +2) over Turkuye, who have played one more match and also have three wins, one draw and 10 points. A win in this encounter will help them extend their lead and move closer to qualification.

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