‘Female sniper’ Heo Sun-haeng shakes off fourth-place jinx to win fifth Taebaek Jangsa title

‘Female sniper’ Heo Sun-haeng (Suwon City Hall) broke the runner-up jinx and won her fifth career taebaekjangsa after four bouts and five periods.

Heo defeated rookie Nam Woo-hyuk (Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling Team), who was armed with a powerful field badge, 3-2 in the deciding match of the taebaek jangsa (under 80 kilograms) at the 2023 Folk Wrestling Ansan Kimhongdo Jangsa Wrestling Competition (6th) held at the Ansan Olympic Memorial Hall in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, on the 26th to lift the bull trophy.

With this victory, Heo regained the Taebaek Jangsa title a year after his last victory in October of last year. Despite being at the top of his game, Heo frequently missed opportunities to climb the podium behind rivals Noh Bum-soo (Ulju County) and Yoon Pil-jae (Uisung County). Three times this year, and four times if you count the Cheonha Jangsa tournament at the end of last year, he finished second. It was even more disappointing that he often went down 2-3 in close games. However, he managed to shake off the jinx for this tournament. He was doubly happy because it was his first win after leaving the Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling Team, where he had been a member for two years, to join rival wrestling team Suwon City Hall after the end of last season.스포츠토토

Heo won the first period of the deciding match with a reversal of a stomach hold, and when Nam Woo-hyuk attempted another stomach hold in the second period, Heo scored a lightning-quick leg hold to win the match. However, he lost the momentum in the third game when Nam Woo-hyuk neutralized his andari, and he also lost the fourth game when he was pinned by a push. In the fifth and final game, Heo Sun-haeng fought back with a wild belly flip and overwhelmed Nam Woo-hyuk.

A red-eyed Heo said, “I thought I would cry when I won, but I don’t cry much,” but his voice was trembling. “Coach Lee Chung-yup paid a lot of attention to me, and my brothers cheered me on. I was able to do business because of the team,” he said. “My goal was to win three titles this year, but I couldn’t do it (with one tournament left), so I will definitely do it twice,” he said, adding, “My brother Bum-soo is rehabbing because he’s not feeling well, so I hope he can come back and play a fun game.”

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