It wasn’t easy to leave the traveling team…Man City prospect reveals why he made the move

Cole Palmer reveals why he moved to Chelsea.

Palmer was Manchester City’s favorite prospect. Famous from his time at City’s academy, Palmer was seen as the future of the club’s youth system, following in the footsteps of academy success story Phil Foden. Pep Guardiola called Palmer up to the first team early on, as he did with Foden, and gave him a few chances to gain experience.

However, Palmer’s progress has been slower than expected. For Palmer to follow the same path as Foden, he would have needed to be competing for a starting spot at City at least by the age of 19 or 20, and he wasn’t. Even as he got older, he was limited to a few substitute appearances and remained a player far from competing for a starting spot. For Guardiola, there was no point in playing a player who was no longer competitive.

Palmer eventually moved to Chelsea in the summer transfer window ahead of the season. While he may have lost out in the competition for a starting spot at City, the news of Palmer’s departure came as a bit of a shock as he was seen as the future of the club.

It was an awkward move for Palmer to leave his longtime club and move to a different team. “It was a big decision. “When I left the training ground the day before the transfer, I knew I was going to London. As I drove away, I thought, ‘I’ve been here for 15 years’. I don’t know about anything else. I’d never been out of Manchester except for vacations and away games,” he said of his move.온라인카지노

Despite the awkward surroundings, Palmer’s main motivation for the move was playing time. Palmer played 41 games last season, but only started three. “It’s not that I’ve been avoiding competition at City. I’ve been playing in the first team for a couple of years and I wanted to have more opportunities to play in my position and have more influence,” he said, adding that he chose to move to Chelsea to get more playing time.

Palmer made his Chelsea debut as a substitute against Nottingham Forest. However, he was unable to prevent the team from losing 0-1.

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