‘It’s the same, it’s the same~’… The son who copied the EPL legend father’s hairstyle 22 years ago → But when will your soccer skills catch up?

 English Premier League Manchester United legend David Beckham has one of his three sons playing soccer. That’s Romeo Beckham. He currently plays for England’s Brentford B team. He probably dreams of becoming a great soccer player like his father, but his skills are far from perfect.

Occasionally, thanks to his father David’s fame, he is in the media spotlight. Sometimes David Beckham and his mother, Victoria Beckham, come to the stadium to cheer on their son.

This time, it made the news that son Romeo had summoned his father. None other than Romeo got his own hairstyle done in 2001, following the one his father did. Then, he posted it on his social media and added the hashtag ‘Father’s hairstyle in 2001’.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 13th that ‘Romeo Beckham emulated the image of his legendary dad, David, by sporting a bold new hairstyle at Brentford training ahead of the new season.’

Romeo Beckham sported a bold new hairstyle ahead of the start of the new Premier League season. It is said that it is to inherit his father’s spirit with the hairstyle his father used to do.

Romeo copied his father’s ‘buzz cut’ in 2001, in which he cut his hair short, dyed it brown, and left it in long strands. Romeo revealed this hairstyle to fans while training for his team.

Romeo wrote, “Help him get his dad’s buzz back,” to which David, the father, immediately commented, “Looks good.” I can feel the affection of a father to support his son.

The problem is that his soccer skills are still poor compared to his father’s. As a member of the Brentport B team last season, Romeo scored just one goal in 15 appearances. He says that of course he has just started playing football again, so it is great that he has shown that level of skill. Thanks to Romeo, he helped the team lift the League Cup.

Romeo played for Inter Miami, an American Major League Soccer team owned by his father, but went on loan to Brentford without achieving great results.

However, he has now completely transferred and is challenging the EPL. He also recently modeled for Brentford’s kit launch. It gave him hope that he could play in the EPL for the second generation following his father.

On the other hand, David Beckham’s father also had a rich hairstyle when he was a player. He really did look like a fashionista, changing his hairstyle every year. The hairstyles Beckham showed off as a player were really diverse, including bald hair, ponytails, cornrows, a kind of reggae hair, and buzz cuts.

But Beckham also has a hairstyle that he regrets. It was cornrow style. This is the hairstyle she wore before meeting Nelson Mandela. It was in 2003 when he was a member of the England national team ahead of a friendly match against South Africa in Durban, South Africa. Beckham boldly wore cornrow hair, a black reggae hair.안전놀이터

The traditional hairstyle that Africans braid close to the scalp is the ‘cornrow style’, but Beckham, who did not know what it was, left it to the hair designer. He met Mandela in a suit, but Beckham said he was embarrassed because his hairstyle didn’t suit him.

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