Kim Chae-young defeated Han Sang-jo “If Woo Jin-i comes up!”

After winning four straight games in the preliminary round, Han Sang-jo 5th dan lost to Shin Shin-seo 9th dan in the first game of the main round. After winning five straight games in the preliminary round, Kim Chae-young 8th dan lost to Park Jong-hoon 7th dan in the first game of the main round. Both Han Sang-jo and Kim Chae-young had chances to win.안전놀이터

For Han Sang-jo 5th and Kim Chae-young 8th, this was their first time competing in the main event. Despite the disappointing result in their debut at the main event, they were able to secure a seat at the Grand Prix once again.

The now-unassailable match took place on the afternoon of the 15th at K-Baduk Studio. The first round of the loser’s bracket of the 46th SG Bar Myeongin. It was the third meeting between the two teams, after Han Sang-jo’s 5th team won the 2021 KB League qualifier and the 2023 Yongseongjeon qualifier.

It took Dan Myung-guk 142 moves to finish, and Han Sang-jo’s team had about 20 minutes left at the end of the game, indicating a comfortable progression. “It’s not that Han Sang-jo played very well, but rather that Kim Chae-young fell into the grass,” said commentator Song Tae-gon.

Kim Chae-young 8th dan accumulated losses in the middlegame and was unable to keep a cool head after making a mistake. Song Tae-gon 9 added his commentary, “The game tilted unexpectedly when a center piece called another piece.”

Han Sang-jo 5th will face the loser of the winner’s bracket quarterfinal between Park Jung-hwan and Han Woo-jin. “If Woo-jin comes up, I’ll do my best to prepare,” he laughed when the broadcasters asked him about his intentions. Kim Chae-young 8th finished the first round of the tournament with two losses.

The prize money for the 46th SG Grand Prix is 70 million won for the winner and 25 million won for the runner-up. A round of 16 tournament with a loser’s bracket will be followed by three final rounds to determine the winner. The time limit is 100 minutes, with three 1-minute reads.

Next week, the quarterfinals of the winner’s bracket will be held sequentially between Shin Shin-seo and Park Ji-hyun (18th), Park Jung-hwan and Han Woo-jin (19th), Shin Min-joon and Kim Eun-ji (20th), and Byun Sang-il and Park Jong-hoon (21st). The No. 1-4 ranked players will face off against the rookies.

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