Kimcheon youth team, friendly match with Taiwan’s middle and high school team… Valuable experience through cultural exchange

 Sangmu Kim U-18 and U-15 players had time for cultural exchange through friendly matches with Taiwan middle and high schools.안전놀이터

The Kimcheon U-18 (Gyeongbuk Beauty Arts High School) team played a friendly match against Taiwan New Taipei High School on the 9th at the Korea Legal Aid Corporation Legal Culture Education Center. The U-15 (Gimcheonmunseong Middle School) team had a friendly match against Fengtian Middle School in Taiwan on July 5th. Before the friendly match, both teams had time for cultural exchange by exchanging souvenirs they had prepared for each other. The U-18s won 5-0 and the U-15s drew 4-4.

This friendly match was held in the context of cultural exchange between the two countries, and Taiwan’s Shinbei High School toured major tourist attractions in Gimcheon, including Jikjisa Temple and Samyeongdaesa Park, before the friendly match. Taiwan’s Fengtian Middle School also had a friendly match with several schools, including Daegu Yulwon Middle School and Jeonju Middle School, as well as Sangmu Kim Cheon, through the ‘Taiwan Youth Fengtian Middle School Soccer Exchange Cultural Experience Group’.

Bae Nak-ho, CEO of Kim Cheon Sangmu, said, “We will expand the experience of young players through international friendly games and cultural exchanges and contribute to the development of Kim Cheon Sangmu’s youth.”

Kimcheon U-18 coach Park Tae-min said, “It was not an easy game because the Taiwanese players have different styles from the Korean players. I hope our players will grow further based on today’s friendly match. I hope there will be many opportunities to experience something different in the future.”

Gimcheon U-18 Kang Dong-ha said, “I was very nervous because I didn’t have a chance to play an international game like this. Because it is a new experience, I think it will be an opportunity to grow further,” he said. Then, he welcomed them, saying, “I recommend Yeonhwaji to Taiwan’s New Beigo players visiting Gimcheon.”

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