“Knee? Good, don’t worry about it.” Back for a fifth season, Tyson is ready to go!

After a long summer, TICE is back in Korea. This is his fifth season in Korea.

Tys Lesser Host (real name Tys) arrived in South Korea today at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. After playing for the Dutch national team at the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Men’s Championships 2023 (EuroVolley) and the men’s volleyball qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on the ‘Road to Paris’, Tys flew three hours straight from Xiang, China, where the Olympic qualifiers were held.

“I’m happy to be back in Korea,” he told at the airport after his arrival. I love Korea so much, so I’m very happy to be back. This is my fifth season in Korea, so I feel like Incheon Airport is my home (laughs). This time I came from China, so the flight time is shorter, so my physical condition is better than before,” she said brightly.

Tais struggled with knee tendinitis in spring volleyball last season. As a result, he had to withdraw from the FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2023. When asked about his current status, he said, “Actually, after the season ended, my knee was a lot worse than I thought it would be, so I was off the court for three months. During that time, I focused on rehabilitation and taking care of my knee, and I think it’s close to 100 percent now. Aside from my knee, I don’t feel anything wrong with my body,” he said.

After recovering from his knee injury, Tais played in the Eurovision and Olympic qualifiers. He mainly took to the court as the backup apogee to Nimir Abdel-Aziz. The Netherlands had a decent showing at the Eurovision, finishing fifth out of 24 teams, but when it came to the most important stage, the Olympic Qualifiers, they failed to punch their ticket to Paris, finishing sixth with two wins and five losses.

“It was a really long summer. That’s the life of an athlete,” said a smiling Thyss, who added: “Eurovolley was a good competition. We were even battling it out with Italy, but we didn’t show everything we had in the Olympic qualifiers. It was an unexpected process and result for the players, and we are very disappointed. It’s a bit of a bittersweet end to a long summer. I didn’t have any difficulty going out as an apogee. I’ve done it before when I was playing in Italy,” he said, reflecting on the summer in general.

After working with the ball all summer, we asked Tais for his personal views on the V-League’s decision to make it the official ball for this season. “Personally, I don’t really care what ball they use. But I think it’s a good change for Korean volleyball because a lot of people are using Mikasa around the world,” he said.

Due to the national team schedule, Tais hasn’t been able to play with his KEPCO teammates during the off-season. But he wasn’t worried about that at all. “There are no big changes like position changes, so I think we can build on our chemistry from last season,” he said. “As long as I’m physically ready, it shouldn’t be a problem. As long as I’m physically ready, it won’t be a problem,” he said, adding, “I’ll be able to play right away.스포츠토토

Last season, KEPCO finished in third place. “Looking back at last season, I don’t think we had enough experience to play 36 games and then go to the playoffs, including myself. This season, it will be important to prepare our bodies and minds so that we can be in good shape for the spring volleyball season,” he said, reflecting on the past season and aiming to win the title once again.

“Just like the fans have been waiting for me, I’ve been waiting to be reunited with them. I vividly remember the fans gathered in their red support t-shirts last season. I will give them everything I can for them,” he said, expressing his affection for his fans. He is ready for his fifth season in Korea and his second with the KEPCO.

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