Kyonggi University Han Soo-yeon, Summer University Judo Federation Women’s 48kg class ‘V2’

Han Soo-yeon (Kyonggi University), the ‘lightweight hopeful’, won two gold medals in the women’s 48kg class at the 2023 Summer National Men’s and Women’s University Judo Federation.

Han Soo-yeon, coached by coach Lee Choong-seok and coach Joo Tae-yang, held Yoo Ye-seul (Korea National University of Sport) in the half heel walk in the women’s 48kg class final on the first day held at Daejeon University of Science and Technology Changdae Gymnasium hosted by the Korea University Judo Federation on the 16th. and won the gold medal. With this, Han Soo-yeon won her second championship of the season following the Yangpyeong Mongyang Cup last month, standing tall as the strongest in her weight class.

Earlier, in the quarterfinals, Han Soo-yeon won a cool waist slap against Lee Hyeon-jung (Widuk University), and in the semi-finals, she lost three maps to her tough opponent, Kim Min-ju (Yongin University), winning by foul play and advancing to the final.

Kyonggi National University coach Lee Choong-seok said, “Sooyeon’s classmate and rival Heewon Ra couldn’t participate in this tournament due to knee cartilage surgery, so he must have been burdened. I will work hard to guide you.”

In addition, Hong Kyu-bin in the men’s 66kg class and Kim Min-gyu (Yongin University) in the 73kg class reached the top side by side, beating Lee Tae-hwa (Yongin University) and Shin Eun-gyu (Cheongju University), respectively, in the women’s 52kg class, Heo Song-rim (Yongin University) and Kim Min-jung (Kyonggi University). ) and won. Husseulmi (Yongin Univ.) in the women’s 63kg class also won the gold medal by defeating Yang Ji-min of the same team.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Jihyeon Kang (Yongin University) and Solbi Jin (Kyonggi University) took 2nd and 3rd place in the women’s 57kg class, and Haebin Jin (48kg) and Hanjun Kim (above Kyonggi University) in the men’s 60kg class took 3rd place.

In addition, in the men’s 60kg final, Lee Jun-wook (Yeongnam University) defeated Park Jun-yong (Cheongju University) to win the gold medal.

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