LA Dodgers keep Heyward alive, this time with ‘1.146 monthly OPS’

After an embarrassing season in which his top talent failed to produce, Jason Heyward, 34, is flying high in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform.

Through 113 games of the season, Hayward was batting .283 with 15 home runs, 40 doubles, 55 RBI, 84 runs scored, a .357 OPS, and an .866 slugging percentage.

Notably, Heyward led the team with three hits, including a home run and a double, on April 18, raising his month to a .421 batting average, .436 slugging percentage, and 1.146 OPS.

It was his best monthly performance this season. It surpasses the .327 batting average and .918 OPS he posted last month. It’s clear that Heyward’s hitting is peaking.

Previously, Heyward was released by the Cubs last November. At the time, he was deemed to have no chance of surviving in the majors.

Heyward posted an OPS of 0.627 and 0.556 in 2021 and last year, respectively. He was only 33 years old at the time, but he could still consider retirement.

But the Dodgers reached out to Heyward. He was available at the minimum salary, but few expected much from him.

The Dodgers made the right move, as Hayward finished the first half of the season with an OPS of 0.811 and has been more than an All-Star in the second half.안전놀이터

The Dodgers have had fun with underperforming players before. This time, they got Heyward, who had a .556 OPS the year before.

It will be interesting to see if Heyward’s career-best OPS can carry over beyond the regular season and into the postseason.

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