“Munich squad thin, thin is too thin!”…German legend’s criticism, “Team not ideal for Tuchel, surely there will be problems”

German champions Bayern Munich have been called the “absolute best,” but they’ve been criticized for their thin squad.

In particular, they only have three center backs on the best team in the world. Kim Min-jae, Matthijs de Ligt, and Dayo Upamecano. De Ligt has been sidelined with injury and Upamecano, who just returned from injury, is not at full fitness, leaving Kim to take the brunt of the workload.

Kim has started 15 consecutive games and played full time in 13 consecutive games. In addition, central midfielder Leon Goretzka has been playing at center back to replace Upamecano, who is unable to play the full 90 minutes.

They’ve also lost striker Jamal Moussaouiallah to injury and don’t really have a backup plan to replace him. It”s a team that doesn”t look like Bayern Munich.

In response, one of the legends of the German national team, Sami Khedira, criticized Bayern Munich. He criticized Bayern’s transfer policy. The midfielder, who helped Germany win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, has also played for Real Madrid and Juventus. He now works as a soccer pundit.

He told Germany’s Watson: “From the outside, the Bayern Munich squad is thin. Thin is too thin. You always have to worry about injuries.”

“The current squad is not ideal for Thomas Tuchel. We should have brought in more players in the summer transfer window. The picture presented by Bayern Munich this season was not optimal. With so many games, they should have had a large squad. It’s clear that you can’t have your 20 best players. But the gap between Mourinho and the youth players is too big.” 무지개토토 도메인

Khedira added: “I pointed this out before the season started. We can fill the gap with Thomas Muller or Serge Gnabry, but what about the defense. After De Ligt, it’s just Kim Min-jae and Upamecano. The squad is really too thin,” he criticized.

Finally, he concluded, “You might think it’s enough now, but next year in March or April, Bayern Munich will have problems. They need to strengthen in the winter transfer window,” urging the club to add more players.

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