‘Ngodin Nai Perfect Q’ SK Rent-a-Car chases leader Blue One by 1 point…1~4th place 2 points in the race for the lead ‘Big Hustle’

22nd PBA Team League 2nd Round Day 7 ends
SK Rent-a-Car Direct wins 4:1 over Crown HaeTae
‘Kim Bo-mi, Kim Min-ah 2 wins’ NH Card 4:2 Blue One
‘Choi Sung-won Perfect Q’ Huons wins 4:3 over Hana Card
Haiwon, Welcome Savings Bank 4:3 to escape 3 straight losses

With two days to go until the end of the second round of the Team League, the race for the top spot is fierce. With only two points separating the first-place Blue One Angels from the fourth-place NHL Cards, the standings could change depending on the outcome of the remaining games. Among them, SK Rent-a-Car Direct has risen to second place with a win and is trailing Blue One by one point.안전놀이터

SK Rent-a-Car swept Crown Hae Taek with a set score of 4:1 in Game 7 of the second round of the 23/24 PBA Team League on April 22.

SK Rent-a-Car got evenly matched performances from its teammates, including a perfect cue from Ngo Dinh Nai against Crown Hae Taew. SK Rent-a-Car got off to a light start. In the first set (Men’s Doubles), Ngo Dinh Nai and Kyung Hwi Kim faced Kim Jae Geun and Kim Tae Guan, and Ngo hit a perfect cue (11 points) to win 11:5 in three games.

SK Rent-a-Car went on to win the second set (women’s doubles) and the third set (men’s singles) to take a 3-0 lead. Despite dropping the fourth set (mixed doubles), Repens won the fifth set (men’s singles) with an 11:6 (8 innings) victory over Martinez to win the set 4:1.

SK Rent-a-Car, which was in third place (9 points) the previous day, added three more points with the victory, jumping to second place (12 points) and closing the gap on Blue One (13 points) to just one point.

The NHK Card won the set 4:2 against the ‘leader’ Blue One Angels, thanks to two wins from Kim Min-ah and Kim Bomi. The NHK Cards were down 1:2 in the third set, but Kim Hyun-woo and Kim Min-ah evened the score in the fourth set with a 9:6 victory over Kang Min-gu and Kim Min-young in three innings.

After Montes defeated Chapak in the fifth set, NHCard completed the comeback with a 9:2 (5 games) victory over Throngpiavi in the sixth set thanks to a high run of eight points from Kim Bomi.

The Huon’s won a close full-set match against Hanakad, 4:3. The HUONS led 3:1 in the fourth set, but were in danger of losing the fifth and sixth sets. However, in the seventh set, ‘captain’ Choi Sung-won scored a perfect Q (11 points) to defeat Byung-ho Kim 11:1 in one inning, leading the team to its fourth straight win.

Haiwon escaped a three-game losing streak with a 4:3 victory over Welcome Savings Bank. Haiwon led 3:1 in the fourth set before dropping the fifth and sixth sets. However, in the seventh set, ‘captain’ Lee Chung-bok swept Lee Sang-dae 11:0 in just two innings to complete the team victory. Welcome Savings Bank fell into a three-game losing streak. [Kim Dong-woo, MK Billboard News reporter]

[PBA Team League standings as of Day 22].

-1st place=Blue One (4 wins, 3 losses, 13 points)

Tied for 2nd=SK Rent-a-Car (4 wins, 2 losses, 12 points), Eswai (3 wins, 3 losses, 12 points)

-4th=NH Nonghyup Card (4 wins, 2 losses, 11 points)

-Tied for 5th=Crown Haetae (3 wins, 3 losses, 9 points), Huon’s (4 wins, 2 losses, 9 points)

-7th=Hanacard (2 wins, 4 losses, 7 points)

-8th=Welcome (2 wins, 5 losses, 6 points)

-9th place=Hiwon (2 wins, 4 losses, 5 points)

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