Hi, I’m Pratima and I believe that words have the power to change lives.

A few words changed mine.

At 21, I had an arranged marriage. My husband was nothing like what I expected.

He constantly told me that I was incapable of doing anything right. I started to believe his words.

I began doubting myself and using his words in my own self-talk.

After 8 years of constant negativity, I reached my breaking point.

I even contemplated suicide.

One day, a friend gave me a poster with the quote, ‘The darkest hour is before dawn’. Every time I looked at this poster, it gave me hope that things would get better. It eventually gave me the strength to change my life.

Soon after, I got a divorce and started over. Now, I have a wonderful life.

I realized the amazing power of words.

They shape us.

They can depress us.

They can uplift us.

I started CraftStreetDesign so everyone could use the transformative power of words to spread kindness and love.

Give the gift of encouragement, and change lives!