Dear Editor,
On September 22, 2016, Craft Street Design will release their newest product line, 
The Wood Block+Quote Prints Collection, for desks and nightstands.  
A wooden block holds 12 quotes focused on one category (i.e.) Fitness, Entrepreneur, Sassy Girl, Book Lover, Affirmation and Yogi's and will retail for $29.99.  
Custom quotes will also be available by request and require a 3 week turn-around time. 
Prints are priced between $13 for a 5"x7" print and $97 for a 24"x36" framed poster.
Block - 3" x 2.75" x 1.5" 
Print -  4"x 4.5"
Samples available upon request  
Thank you,
Pratima Aravabhoomi
Founder,Craft Street Design
Product Images
Wood Block + Entrepreneur Quote Print Collection
Office gallery wall
Framed Prints
Who + Why?
Pratima "Prats" Aravabhoomi came to America from India after being in an arranged traditional Indian marriage which led her into a deep state of depression.  
When she did not think she could go on one day longer, she looked up sobbing from her kitchen table and read a quote that said, "The Darkest Hour is that Before the Dawn" and from those powerful words, she decided to live.  
That life changing moment led her to divorce her husband, eventually remarry, lose weight and believe in herself.  
Her mission is to inspire and motivate others to live their fullest potential by offering the type of motivation she found in positive quotes. In her first six months in business, revenue climbed to six figures and continues to grow.
What are Craft Street Designs minimalistic prints?
    • Each design is deceptively simple and actually takes about 10-80 hours to make. Each design is created by hand first before the final design is digitized.
    • The company uses extensive research to find words that have a positive effect on people and use these words, quotes, and phrases to design inspiring works of art. 
    • Craft Street Design is inspired by calligraphy, magazine typography, Scandinavian design, vintage drawings, and subway art.
    • The company offers curated collections of prints by goal, like "fitness" or "overcoming fear."