Our Story

Pratima Aravabhoomi | Founder + Designer, Craft Street Design

Meet Pratima Aravabhoomi, the founder of Craft Street Design. She was inspired to establish the company based on her own experiences in turning her life around from the brink of suicide, and has since become a successful consultant and business owner.

She shares, “ If not for the words on my kitchen wall which said,
‘Darkest hour is before dawn, I might have ended my own life.”

She has since completely transformed that life achieving many of her goals.

Meaningful words have made a huge difference in her life. That’s why Pratima is on a mission to bring meaningful words as products into all of our ever busy, distracted lifestyles so that they remind us to take the time to focus on the important things. 

At Craft Street Design our meaningful, stylishly designed quotes are intended to empower entrepreneurs, moms, and children. Our design expertise, coupled with our extensive research into words that effectively empower people, enable us to provide not just a beautiful but a meaningful way to decorate your home, office, or nursery.


Our Difference


At Craft Street Design we spend months combing through words, and quotes to find the most empowering and effective ones that are meaningful. Then we use these words to design stylishly simple art. 


Design is not just a matter of pretty pictures or fonts mashed together. It happens where beauty meets function. As designers, we at Craft Street Design Co. take painstaking measures to ensure readability and maximum visual impact. Each piece is designed to enhance the meaning of the words it contains. We combine calligraphy, scandinavian design, hand -lettering to create simple yet stylish wall art.


We believe everybody deserves a chance to get inspired. That is why we donate 10% of every sale to support different literacy programs every month.


 Why our customers love us

Moms love us because these beautiful quote prints teach many meaningful life lessons that stick with the children to guide them through life.

“Great words for our baby's nursery! Thanks!” – Prashanti Beeram, Mom

 Designers love our prints as they provide a modern aesthetic and texture in a meaningful way.

“Adds texture to the gallery wall. Love it” – Benjie, Interior Designer

 Entrepreneurs love our posters as they provide the much needed motivation and focus for their team members.

“This focus print helps me keep my priorities straight. “ – Ash Roy,

 Executives love our posters because of their uniqueness and thoughtfulness as gifts.

“Love them” – Karthik Pichai, Founder & CEO AugustaSoftSol


Our Business


We distill years of research to bring you the most empowering quotes and words. We then meticulously design for maximum visual impact.

Our inspirational one-of-a-kind designed quotes are intended to empower entrepreneurs, employees, mothers, and children


Our mission is to bring meaningful words as products into all of our ever busy, distracted lifestyles so that they remind us to take the time to focus on the important things. 

We believe in meaningful spaces, and we provide ways to decorate meaningfully.

Contributing to the community is our guiding value.


We use proprietary technology to research. After rating for several factors such as
positivity, actionability, context, level of thought provoking content, worldview, and other factors, we pick the phrases with the highest impact to design.

During the pre-design phase, we go through hundreds of hand-drawn concepts before we pick the one to finally design and digitize.


Who to contact

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