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'Choose happy' Inspirational print

$ 19

  • You didn‰ۡó»t ask for all these hardships and troubles you have to face each and every day. No, you wanted to just be carefree and content your entire life. But life never works out that way. Life throws hurdle after hurdle your way, but that should never stop you from being happy. Yes, you didn‰ۡó»t get to choose the way everything worked out, but you can always choose to stay positive. Being negative will only serve to make you miserable, so when life‰ۡó»s being the @!#$% it‰ۡó»s meant to be, hang this optimistic Choose Happy Design on your wall and remember to always choose happy.

  • ‰ۡÌÔ_ Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Made to order

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Frame is not included in the purchase

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Handmade in USA

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Arrives in 5-7 days

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