'Customer has choices' Inspirational poster

  • Just why do the customers have to go to you? For anything they need, there are at least a million others trying to sell them the same thing. So just what makes you so special? Your service? Your product?  Both? Whatever it is, I suggest you cherish your customers and make sure you stick out from the crowd, because after all, the customer has choices, they honor us with their business. And if you want a successful business, be sure to never forget that with this truthful Customer Has Choices Design hanging up on your wall.

  • ◦ Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love

    ◦ Made to order

    ◦ Black Frame is included in the purchase

    ◦ Handmade in USA

    ◦ Arrives in 9 days

Craft Street Design Co. Guarantee

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