'Customer will last' Inspirational poster

  • Imagine trying to buy something when suddenly you’re greeted by the rudest customer service you’ve ever seen and products so horrendous you can’t imagine how anyone thought it would be acceptable to sell them. Nothing seems right, it’s not at all what was advertised and there is nothing unique or desirable about it, you could get the same thing of better quality and for less anywhere else. Now imagine trying to buy something and being greeted by the sweetest people on earth and a beautiful product, packaged gorgeously and unique in its own way, you couldn’t get one like it anywhere else. Which place would you go back to when you need something again? Exactly. So, with that in mind, if you want a successful business, I suggest you hang this ever-so-true Customer Will Last Design up on your wall and always remember this: When the customer comes first, the customer will last.

  • ◦ Materials: Matte Paper

    ◦ Made to order

    ◦ Black Frame is included in the purchase

    ◦ Free Shipping within the US

    ◦ Arrives in 9 days

Craft Street Design Co. Guarantee

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