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'Dream' Inspirational print

$ 19

  • Captivated by the glow of the stars, the child dreams of one day standing among them. Mesmerized by the call of the waves, the child dreams of one day swimming among them. Dumbfounded by the optimism of so many people, you dream of one day becoming one of them. Of course unlike the child, you hope to give up on such a silly dream as quickly as possible. But you forget that dreams are the very meaning of life. They are why we do anything and why we care about life. Without them, we are completely lost. Dreams are the essence of everything wonderful in the world. So never give up on your dreams and hang this hopeful Dream Design up on your wall.

  • ‰ۡÌÔ_ Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Made to order

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Frame is not included in the purchase

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Handmade in USA

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Arrives in 5-7 days

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