Inspirational quote print 'A goal is a dream with a deadline.'

  • Exactly what line is there between someone who just dreams and someone who makes goals? There isn’t much of one actually. All it really is, is that with goals, the dreamer has set their deadline for when the next step on the road to success should be completed. And you don’t really have to be some over-planning, perfect non-procrastinator type to achieve your dreams. All you really need is some drive and a lot of hard work to make goals, have dreams, and always reach for what you want. That’s what I say anyway. And with this ever so true A Goal Is a Dream with a Deadline Design hanging up on your wall, you can remind yourself to make those goals and have those deadlines so that without a doubt, one day all those dreams you’ve held dear to you for so long will finally come true.  

  • ◦ Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love

    ◦ Made to order

    ◦ Frame is not included in the purchase

    ◦ Handmade in USA

    ◦ Arrives in 5-7 days

Craft Street Design Co. Guarantee

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