Inspirational quote print 'Darkest hour is before dawn'

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  • Looking out your window at nighttime, what do you see? Tonight, you see a pitch black, starless sky. Tonight‰ۡó»s is a sky so dark, in fact, that this is the darkest night sky you‰ۡó»ve ever seen. Now tell me do you think that this dark night will last forever? No, you know that if you just wait a little while longer, dawn will come. Now, your mind wanders away from the darkness in the sky, and to the darkness in your life. Maybe you were laid off this month, you lost a loved one, or you just can‰ۡó»t seem to feel happy lately, but this darkness is making your life feel like it is the darkest it has ever been. This is the darkest hour you‰ۡó»ve ever known, but the darkest hour is before dawn. So hang up this inspirational The Darkest Hour is Before Dawn Design to keep reminding yourself that the darkest hour is before dawn, and if you can just hold on a little longer, your dawn will definitely arrive.

  • ‰ۡÌÔ_ Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Made to order

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Frame is not included in the purchase

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Handmade in USA

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