Inspirational quote print 'He believed he could so he did'

$ 19

  • Sitting in the middle of that luscious, green field, he stared up at the birds, watching them effortlessly soar through the sky. He dreamt of one day soaring through the sky just like a hawk, fearless and free. Even though he knew it would be childish of him to do so, he believed with all his heart that one day he would become a hawk, fearless and free. He believed he could be happy, above the rest of the world, away from the struggles of everyday life. In fact, he believed it so much, he did. He grew up to be the richest man in the world, able to make his wildest dreams come true, able to fly with the bravery and liberty of a hawk. Now he believes you can too, in fact he says, Just hang this awesome He Believed He Could So He Did Design up on your wall and soon enough, you will be up here flying with the birds, courageous and happy.

  • - Gallery quality art print printed on thick fine art paper (290 gsm)

    - Frame is NOT included in the purchase

    - Handmade in USA

    - Arrives in 5-7 days

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