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'Keep life Simple' Inspirational print

$ 19

  • In life, simplicity is key. We tend to over complicate things thinking that the simple way is ‰ۡÌÝ̏too easy‰ۡó�, that it can‰ۡó»t possibly be right. But that‰ۡó»s where we all go wrong. The hardest thing in life is keeping things simple, but remember, life is like a blank wall, a few simple colors can make it beautiful, but too many colors will result in a rainbow of muddiness and a multitude of angry lectures to your three-year old artist. Of course, you can never go wrong with this simply beautiful Keep Life Simple Design, because it pays to just remind yourself to keep life simple.

  • ‰ۡÌÔ_ Materials: Archival Paper, Ink, Love

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Made to order

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Frame is not included in the purchase

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Handmade in USA

    ‰ۡÌÔ_ Arrives in 5-7 days

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