‘Reserve free agent’ Alonso ‘hires agent Boras’ in preparation for year ahead

Pete Alonso, 29, who will become a free agent after the 2024 season, has already made preparations for the winter a year from now.

Alonso has hired Scott Boras, a super-agent, to represent him, according to the New York Post, a New York-based media outlet.

This is in preparation for Alonso to seek a mega-contract in free agency after the 2024 season. Boras is arguably the best agent in Major League Baseball.

Notoriously bad for teams, but the best for players. He has been considered one of the best agents in the game for decades when it comes to negotiating player-friendly contracts.

Alonso is one of the best power hitters in the majors. You can expect 40 home runs a year. He’s also been healthy enough to play over 90% of the games each season so far.

Alonso won Rookie of the Year honors with 53 home runs in 2019, his rookie season, and has hit 37, 40, and 46 home runs from 2021 to this season.스포츠토토

The only problem is the accuracy of his hitting. Alonso is batting just .217 and .318 this season. His career batting average and on-base percentage are just .251 and .318, respectively.

Also, Alonso was born in 1994. He will be 31 years old in the first year of his contract, which will be a weakness in signing him to a long-term deal.

However, Alonso has the potential to make a lot of money despite his lack of accuracy and age. He’s a hitter capable of hitting up to 50 home runs.

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