Ronaldo makes an appearance at the N’Ghanu-Tyson Fury showdown, smiling brightly and cheering for N’Ghanu

‘Why is Ronaldo’s brother out there!’

The world’s biggest sports stars were in attendance to watch the boxing showdown between former UFC heavyweight champion Francis N’Ghanou (37-Cameroon) and current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (35-UK). Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was also in attendance to watch the two giants battle it out at the Boulevard Hall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Nov. 29 (ET).

Ronaldo, who plays for Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, was caught on camera in the middle of the 10-round boxing match between Nganu and Fury. He was all smiles as he watched the 80 billion won fight in the stadium. Known for his interest in martial arts, he was “intuiting” the fight of the century in Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo appeared to be cheering for N’Ghanou. He has met N’Ghanu in person before. He even struck a fighting pose with N’Ghanu to prove they were “best friends. N’Ghanou posted a photo of himself and Ronaldo on social media.메이저사이트

Nganu, a “boxing novice,” was applauded for his unexpected performance in the match. He took on the world champion Fury in an evenly matched fight. In the third round, he landed a left hand punch to steal a takedown. Despite being outclassed in boxing experience and technique, he used his natural strength and power to keep Fury on his heels.

Nganu lost a 1-2 split decision. He had it 95-94 with one of the three scorers. But he was scored 93-96 and 94-95 by two others. He fought well, scoring takedowns, but was outclassed by Fury’s more experienced striking and defense. Despite the loss, Fury has been praised by several boxing and mixed martial arts legends. Even the victorious Fury admitted after the fight that he struggled, saying, “That was the toughest fight I’ve ever been in.”

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