‘Silver’ shooter Kim Jong Nam “I’m more emotional because it’s my first medal”

Kim Jung-nam (Sport Class SH1 – Cheongju City) brought home a fourth medal for the shooting team.

Kim won the silver medal in the mixed SH1 P3 (25m pistol) final with a total of 22 points on Saturday at the Fuyang Throat Sports Center in Hangzhou, China. It was his first medal at the Asian Games since first wearing the Korean flag in 2017.

The P3 25m Pistol event consists of six rounds of five shots each of full and rapid fire for a total of 60 shots. Ten five-shot rapid-fire series are fired and scored on a hit-miss basis, with the lowest-ranked athlete eliminated after the fourth series and the gold and silver medals decided in the 10th series.

Kim got off to a great start, qualifying for the finals in fifth place. He and Lu Xiaolong (CHN) fought hard for first and second place. He had a three-point lead, but with one series left in the match, he allowed third-placed Huan Xing (CHN) to make a big push, and his concentration faltered in the final series to finish in second place.

“This is my first medal at an Asian Games, so I’m very emotional. In Indonesia 2018, I won a bronze medal. I was under a lot of pressure because I didn’t have good results in my previous competitions, but I thought it was my main event and I was confident, which led to a good result.”

There is also some disappointment in the fact that they took the lead, only to be overturned at the end. “I think my focus point was a little bit wrong,” Kim said. I fell apart there, but I still tried to focus,” Kim said.

In the final series, when he got into a fight with a Chinese player, the Chinese crowd chanted “Cha-yo” in unison. “It (the cheering) didn’t affect me too much. Rather, I was more grateful that the crowd enjoyed it. I’m trying to think about it as positively as possible,” he laughed.스포츠토토

He concluded, “All the players prepared and trained hard together. I hope we can fight until the end. I hope the fruits of their labor will shine through,” he said in a message of support for the remaining players.

Meanwhile, fellow finalist Moon Ae-kyung (Sport Class SH1 – Gyeongnam Disabled Sports Federation) finished in fifth place. Earlier in the mixed SH1 R6 (50m rifle prone) event, Park Jin-ho (Sport Class SH1 – Cheongju City Hall) and Joo Sung-chul (Sport Class SH1 – Gyeonggi-do Para Sports Federation) made the final, but finished fifth and sixth respectively.

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