“SON worst stats BUT best performance” So watch the game.

If you’re playing badly, you’re going to have bad stats, but bad stats don’t always mean bad play.

Tottenham Hotspur captain Son Heung-min is a perfect example of this. According to Football London, Heung-min had a mediocre stat line against Arsenal, but as we all know, he was the hero of the game.

On the 26th (KST), British media outlet Football London highlighted Son Heung-min’s unheralded performance, saying, “There is a player who barely touched the ball but made a huge impact against Arsenal”.

‘If you look at Son Heung-min’s performance against Arsenal on Sunday, you’ll realize that stats don’t tell the whole story,’ the publication said, suggesting that short-term records can have blind spots.

‘If you didn’t watch the North London derby and only looked at the stats and headline data, you might think Son didn’t make an impact. That would be a big mistake.

‘The stats show that Son only touched the ball 18 times against Arsenal. The only player with fewer touches than Son was Brennan Johnson, who was substituted 16 minutes before Son. The next player above him was James Maddison, who had more than double the number of touches (43),” he said, explaining how little Son had possession of the ball.카지노

‘These numbers suggest that Tottenham had a game plan of running at Son and Johnson when they got the ball and poking passes at them. Son didn’t cross, didn’t dribble, and lost one aerial contest. He even lost the ball in the friendly zone in the first minute,” said Recovery, noting that Son’s detailed stats were sparse.

However, Heung-min created his own chances on the day through exquisite space penetration and forward pressure, and scored two valuable equalizers.

Football London said: “Son’s performance was even more special. Two of his 18 touches were goals. Both were one-touchers. Most impressive of all was his running – he chased everything, and he didn’t give the Arsenal defense a moment’s respite,” adding that his pressure caused cracks in the Arsenal defense.

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