Stop ‘The Shay’ and ‘Bean’ as they head to their first final in five years

The task of stopping Chen “Bin” Zebin now falls to Kang “The Shay” Seung-rok.
Kang Seung-rok is one of those players that every top laner knows. His aggressive playstyle made him a player for the ages. He lifted the Rolld Cup with IG in 2018 and led his team to the top four of Worlds in 2019 with a top carry that seemed to maximize his style. However, this season has been marked by questions about his ups and downs on the domestic stage, and his performance has been gradually downgraded.

However, Kang Seung-rok is proving that he is still going strong at the Worlds. The biggest secret is that his lineup performance hasn’t declined. In fact, he’s shown that he’s still very much capable of doing so, with the highest 15-minute gold gap and the highest number of solo kills among the top laners in the quarterfinals. More than just pushing his opponents out of the top lane, Kang Seung-rok’s influence extends to the bottom lane. In most of Weibo Gaming’s victories, he was the spearhead of the decisive one-hit wonders. As a result, the team reached the quarterfinals, and he himself continued the pleasant jinx of making it to Worlds and beyond.

The problem is that their opponent is ‘bin’, who is in the best form of the tournament, and is one of the top laners who can change the game with his power, just like Kang Seung-rok did in his prime. At last year’s Genji, he broke his own limits of bruiser-oriented championship breadth by effortlessly handling the Rumble, a card he hadn’t handled much before. It’s safe to say that he’s the toughest opponent to stand in the way of the finals.
If we look at the head-to-head matchups between ‘Bean’ and Kang Seung-rok in the League, the majority of the time, the initiative is given to ‘Bean’. This season, Kang “Bean” Seung-rok and BLG did not meet in the playoffs, but only once in the Spring-Summer regular season. In both matchups, Weibo Gaming lost to BLG by a score of 1-2. In most of the knife-for-knife matchups, Kang “Seung-rok” Seung-rok was slightly outclassed, and in the sets he won, the tank champion’s one-hit contribution often paid off. For example, in the first set of their Summer Season matchup, Kang Seung-rok grabbed Renekton to take on ‘Bean’s’ Kenen, and despite being pressured in the laning phase, he was able to fulfill his role in the one-hit wins. 보스토토 주소

It’s clear that BLG’s game plan is centered around the top lane. Zenji also had a game plan to win the first game by gaining the upper hand against ‘bin’ on the top lane, but the unexpected strength of ‘bin’ disrupted his game plan and he lost the game. Kang Seung-rok has a lot of experience against ‘bin’ in the League, so he’ll need to take on ‘bin’ with a full head of steam if he wants to reach the finals once again.

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