‘This time is real’ Munich, Tottenham’s ultimatum to sign Kane “I’ll give up after this week”

 Persistent. This is already the 4th proposal.

Bayern Munich set the negotiating table with Tottenham again. for the recruitment of Harry Kane.

All three previous bids have been turned down. The most recent offer was 86 million pounds (approximately 144.4 billion won).

It was the highest transfer fee in the club’s history. It far exceeded the club’s highest transfer fee of 70 million pounds (approximately 117.3 billion won), which was used when bringing Lucas Hernandez from Atletico Madrid in 2019.

Tottenham wants at least 100 million pounds (about 168 billion won) to 120 million pounds (about 201.6 billion won). No matter how much Kane is evaluated as the best goal scorer in the world, he set a high ransom for a player with only one year remaining on his contract.

Munich does not give up and offers one more transfer fee. The British media ‘Telegraph’ said on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time), “Munich is in dire need of signing Kane. We are moving to negotiate with Tottenham on the evening of the 9th. If we cannot sign a contract within this week, we will withdraw our hands.”

The opening of the Premier League is now just four days away. Kane said he would focus on Tottenham after the start of the season.

However, he does not intend to renew the contract. It has already been said several times that there is no intention to renew the contract.

If the transfer is not made before the opening of the Premier League, I plan to focus on Tottenham this season and join Munich as a free agent (FA) next summer. If that happens, Tottenham will not get a single penny from the sale of Kane.

Munich needs Kane to win the UEFA Champions League. Last season, the absence of a striker showed weakness.메이저사이트

Several players tried to fill the vacancy of Robert Lewandowski, but it was not enough. Even in order to win the German Bundesliga for 12 consecutive seasons, signing a striker is a necessary condition.

So far, the weight is shifting towards Kane’s stay at Tottenham. ‘Telegraph’ said, “Kane will spend his last season at Tottenham. However, Munich will do their last efforts to bring Kane this summer anyway. Whether or not Kane transfers will be the next week.”

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