‘Three straight T-fouls’ for Primm, first in 11 years since Leathers

Gage Prim picked up his third straight technical foul.
Hyundai Mobis head coach Cho Dong-hyun snapped a two-game losing streak with a 77-69 home victory over Seoul Samsung at Dongcheon Gymnasium in Ulsan on Monday, but he was given the task of cracking down on Gage Primm.

Prim was the topic of conversation before the game.

When asked about Prim picking up a technical foul, Coach Cho Dong-hyun said, “I always reflect afterward. During the game, I felt strange, so I called him and told him not to take a technical foul, but he went out and got a technical foul right away. The next day, I didn’t talk about it, and the next day, I asked him why he did it, and he said he knew and apologized. “I know I did it,” he said, “and I’m sorry. I don’t have enough experience yet, and I think I can hold it together in that situation (but I can’t).”

Prim’s erratic behavior also affects the flow of the game. He needs to be controlled as much as possible for a stable team.

“Coach Macklin talks every time he eats, he talks about the team, he talks about the team, and I call him out and tell him that if you do that, it will make it too difficult to run the game, and he says he understands, and he says he won’t do it several times,” said Cho Dong-hyun. “If you talk about it in a good way, it’s competitive, but now he needs to be more aware, and if he feels like he’s going to get irritated even in the middle of the game, he needs to call him out and tell him not to do it, but it’s not working.”

Prim couldn’t control himself on this day.

With 1:10 left in the first quarter, he fell while receiving an entry pass from Ham Ji-hoon. There was contact with Kofi Coburn, but no foul was called. Prim pounded his fist on the court in frustration and spat before getting up. 토토사이트

Prim, along with Asem Marei, had previously been sanctioned for unsportsmanlike conduct by the Tribunal for spitting on the court. Prim was assessed a technical foul.

With 3:42 left in the third quarter, Prim jumped over Coburn, who was attempting a layup, and pulled his shoulder as he landed. It was a dangerous move. Video review showed an unsportsmanlike conduct (U-foul). He received a technical foul and a U-foul and was unable to stay on the court.

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