U.S. media nominates Kim for Gold Globe for utilities…faces stiff competition from Korean-born Edman

Ha-Sung Kim’s (San Diego Padres) 2023 season is over.

While the team missed out on fall baseball, Kim had one of the best seasons of his career. Not only did he improve defensively, but offensively as well. His batting average, home runs, stolen bases, and almost every other offensive statistic was better than last season. His 17 home runs and 38 stolen bases were particularly impressive, and he even hit a walk-off home run and a grand slam.

A Gold Glove is the next best thing for Kim. After being a finalist in the shortstop category last year, Kim is looking to win the Gold Glove at second base or utility this year. Kim has mostly seen time at second base this season, but has also played shortstop and third base.

Just Baseball recently ranked the Gold Glove favorites at each position in the National League.

According to the organization, Bryson Stott (Philadelphia Phillies) or Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs) are the favorites at second base. Kim was not mentioned.

However, Kim is a strong candidate for the utility position.

According to JustBaseball, Kim and Korean-American Tommy Edmon (St. Louis Cardinals) stand out as two players who fit the bill for utility players.

“Kim played primarily at second base this season, and he was tremendous at the position. In the National League, he ranks in the top five in the four categories highlighted in Defensive Metrics.” “In addition to his great defense at second base, he also plays above-average defense at shortstop and in the hot corner. He has three or more defensive runs saved at each of those three positions,” said Hae-Sung Kim.

“San Diego was able to move him around the diamond, and he brought tremendous value with his glove this season, making a strong case for his first Gold Glove award.”

“But Edmon, who plays elite defense at multiple positions, is also a force to be reckoned with,” the publication said, “not only does he have the ability to play all over the diamond, but he also plays good outfield defense.”스포츠토토

“Edmon makes up for his deficiencies at other positions by posting positive UZRs at shortstop, center field, and right field.”

Edman will face stiff competition from Kim and Ha-Sung Kim, who both have Korean blood in their veins, for the utility award.

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