‘Until the end’, ‘change’, ‘passion’, ‘new’, ‘NEW’…keywords for coaches and players with new goals.

Ahead of the start of the V-League Women’s Division on Thursday, seven team managers and representatives shared their intentions for the new season with ‘keywords’.

The Dodram 2023~2024 V-League Women’s Media Day was held at Cheongdam Rivera Hotel on Wednesday. The V-League Women’s Division will kick off on April 14. The opening game will be held at Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium, the home court of last year’s champion Korea Expressway Corporation. The V-League Women’s Division will kick off with a matchup between Roadworks and Heungkuk Life.

At the media day, the head coach and representative players emphasized key words to describe their resolve for the new season.

Kim Jong-min, the head coach of DOT, wrote down ‘new coach’. Kim said, “I wrote my name on the ticket to make an impression, but I think we need to stop being greedy and prepare slowly. I don’t think our power is very weak. We will show interesting volleyball again this year.”

Roadworks’ Bae Yuna, whose campaign slogan was “Again Miracle,” vowed to “work hard to create a miracle with the energy of last season.

Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Abondanza chose ‘mind’ as his keyword. “It would be nice to show thoughtful movements,” he said. Heungkuk Life transfer student Kim Soo-ji wrote down the keyword ‘ONE’ and explained, “I wrote it because I want to be first this season and become one because it’s a team sport.”

Hyundai E&C coach Kang Sung-hyung chose the keyword ‘challenge to win with passion as another challenge’. He said, “We have to challenge for the championship again this year. The existing members have changed. I plan to challenge the players again.”

Hyundai E&C’s Yang Hyo-jin chose ‘until the end’ as her keyword. “The fans will know why I said ‘until the end,’ and I will do my best until the end,” she said.

Head coach Ko Hee-jin wrote “confidence” as a keyword. “The players have worked hard enough to be confident,” he said, “so let’s build on that training and play the game.

Lee So-young’s keyword is ‘new’. “As the team name has changed, it means that we will challenge for the championship with a new determination,” she said. The team will be rebranded from Ginseng Corporation to Jung Kwan-jang this season.

For GS Caltex head coach Cha Sang-hyun, the keyword is “change. “There were changes in the players and changes in the coaching staff. We had to make changes because we were eliminated in spring volleyball last season. It means to take a leap forward again.”

GS Caltex’s Kang So-hwi’s keyword is ‘turning point’. “We were eliminated from spring volleyball last season, so we will try to do well this year,” he said.안전놀이터

Passion is the keyword for IBK’s Ho-cheol Kim. “I’m old, but I’m passionate. I want the players to be passionate as well.”

IBK’s Kim Hee-jin’s keyword is ‘speed’. “I wrote it down because I want the team to benefit from my quick return. I want to be more solid and show fast volleyball and fun volleyball.”

Pepper Savings Bank head coach Joe Trinzi’s keyword is “better every day. “When I walk into the gym, it’s about learning and getting better every day, whether it’s training or playing. When you’re playing, you have to improve from the first game to the last game.”

Pepper Savings Bank transfer student Park Jung-ah’s keyword is ‘fun volleyball’. “I want the fans to see fun volleyball and I want the players to have fun,” Park summarized.

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