‘War of the cards?” warns EPL on surge in ejections…’ejections’ more than triple from same time last season

The English Premier League (EPL) is set to see a strong yellow and red card warning.

This is because the number of yellow and red cards has been increasing exponentially since the 2023-2024 season, when the league decided to strictly enforce its warning and sending-off standards.

According to data from OPTA, a sports statistics and information site, a total of 17 red cards have been issued in the EPL so far this season after 68 games. More than three times as many players have received the red card compared to five during the same period last season.

The spike in red cards was predictable. In the fifth round of the EPL, which took place last month on May 16-17, seven of the eight games saw a total of 46 yellow cards. The Tottenham-Sheffield United game saw a combined 13 cards for both teams, while Aston Villa-Crystal Palace, Newcastle-Brentford, and other games saw a spate of cautions.

The 46 shots in a round was the first time in 25 years since the previous record of 43 was set on August 22, 1998.카지노

The EPL’s governing body had issued a cautionary note ahead of the season, calling for a virtual zero-tolerance approach to cautions and ejections. Last season, the EPL saw a number of incidents where managers clashed with each other, players violently protested referees, and fans used racist language.

In response, the EPL has asked clubs to improve their behavior toward referees before the start of the 2023-2024 season, and has issued updated officiating standards. The EPL promised to “crack down” on delay of game behavior, players gesturing to referees for a yellow card, and multiple players and staff surrounding and intimidating referees.

In other words, as predicted, the EPL league is speeding up its efforts to maintain order with “severe punishments” this season.

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