You’re good enough as it is… Commander’s advice to Park Chan-ho: “Be more relaxed and cautious”

It took him quite a while to break through to the first team after making his debut in 2014, and even then he was labeled as a “half-hearted shortstop” or “defensive shortstop,” but now he has filled in the gaps. Park Chan-ho of the KIA Tigers is proving his worth.토토사이트

Through 12 days of regular season play, Park is batting .304 with 125 hits in 411 at-bats, three home runs, 48 RBIs, 29 doubles, and a .744 OPS in 112 games. He’s on pace for a career-high season, and if he keeps up the pace, a triple-digit season in his rookie year seems possible.

Add to that his defense, which has always been his strength, and he’s a threat to wear down opponents on the basepaths. When Park gets on base, he’s a hustler, and he makes pitchers work for it. The other players are getting on base as well, and the KIA offense is a potent combination of power and mobility. If Park hadn’t gotten on a roll, KIA wouldn’t be as strong.

However, Park has made some mistakes along the way. In the first and second games of the doubleheader against the LG Twins at Gwangju-KIA Champions Field on April 9, he was caught in a pitcher’s interference on two separate occasions, and ended up being thrown out at the plate with nothing to show for it. While the team ultimately won both games, it was an embarrassing moment for both the team and the player.

The next day, Kia coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I know how much you want to win. You want to do well in the field and on the bases,” he said, adding, “You think that if you steal one more base, you’ll be able to give the batters more chances to score. I know that, and I think I did it more out of a sense of urgency,” he recalled.

“Instead, when you’re out, you think, ‘Next time, I’ll be a little more restrained or cautious,’ and that’s (Park’s) style,” he said, adding, “Later on, I think I did a good job in the first inning (with the game-winning hit), but even if it doesn’t work out, I’d like to be a little more relaxed and cautious.”

Park Chan-ho is already doing well, but anyone who wants to be the “best” has to pay attention to details. It remains to be seen if Park Chan-ho, who is more than just a “third-rate shortstop,” will be able to show stable play as ordered by his commander.

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