“You’ve sold your soul”, “What have you done to my idol” Liverpool legend wears traditional Saudi garb ‘with a wink to the tabon’

Steven Gerrard is getting the finger pointed at him by English fans.

“Gerrard appears to be enjoying life in the Middle East, sharing photos of himself in traditional Saudi Arabian clothing,” the UK’s Daily Star reported on March 23. Fans have accused him of selling his soul by wearing a tob (traditional dress).”

“Gerrard, who arrived at Al Ittifaq in July, is one of a number of stars to arrive in Saudi Arabia this summer, with former teammates Jordan Henderson and Giorginio Wijnaldum joining Everton’s Dermaray Gray and Celtic ace Jack Handley. Fans accused Gerrard of easily assimilating into Saudi culture,” he said, pointing to comments on social media.

“People will do anything for money, Stevie NO,” “It’s not sportswashing at all, Stevie is in Saudi for an interesting football project,” “What changed him,” “What did the Saudis do to my idol,” and “I’m depressed that Gerrard is selling his phone.” Fans expressed disappointment.

Gerrard is a former Liverpool and England legend. After hanging up his boots with the LA Galaxy in the US Major League Soccer (MLS), Gerrard embarked on a coaching career. He returned to England to coach his hometown club Liverpool’s academy before making his managerial debut at Scottish Rangers. In the 2020-21 season, Rangers went unbeaten under Gerrard, breaking rivals Celtic’s dominance.

His next job was at Aston Villa. Gerrard arrived in November 2021 with high expectations, but as time went on, the disappointment grew, and he was eventually sacked after less than a year in charge. In his 40 games in charge, Gerrard averaged just 1.18 points per game.카지노

Gerrard was approached by Al Ittifaq. It came as a shock, but he initially declined. “I had a potential offer, I analyzed it (the offer), but I’m not going to take it now,” Gerrard said at the time. However, Gerrard eventually took the job at Al Ittifaq and unpacked his bags in Saudi Arabia, where he was guaranteed an astronomical salary.

Since the start of the season, Al Ittifa have won five, drawn one, and lost one of their seven league games and are in fourth place with 16 points. It’s a remarkable feat considering that, unlike Al Nasr, Al Hilal, Al Ittihad, and Al Ahli, they don’t receive support from the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). However, English fans are bemoaning the sight of Gerrard in traditional Saudi garb.

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